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"Support at the vendor’s web site and by phone is both quick and thorough..."
- macHOME Magazine

"I just recieved my unidirectional 10 db antenna and I am picking up incredible signal strengths, I had doubts if this would work but no more doubting here! Thank You."
- Duncan Ball from Brooklyn, New York

MacWireless Powerline Adapters

200 Mbps Adapters

Use your electrical wires, get through Brick, Concrete, and Metal


A simple powerline network setup.

Ideal for putting Access Points on multiple floors.

MacWireless POE
WiFi Cards
Choose from many great 802.11 products.

MacWireless POE
MacWireless Power Over Ethernet POE
Allows mounting your AirPort base station up to 330 feet from an electrical outlet.

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