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Outdoor Box for AirPort
Antenna Box This weatherproof enclosure is the ideal outdoor housing for any AirPort Base Station. A compression seal fitting allows a cable to be passed into the box without compromising the weather protection.

Customize your outdoor box with such options as antennas, power-over-ethernet kits, and mounting gear.

Outdoor Box may not ship until the following day, and may not be eligible for flat-rate shipping.
Outdoor Box
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  • Neoprene o-ring seals box against water, dust , and air.
  • Outside dimensions: 10.62" x 9.68" x 4.87".
  • Inside dimensions: 9.25" x 7.12" x 4.12".
  • Weight: 2.65 lbs.
  • Rustproof, UV Resistant, Chemical Resistant.
  • Two padlock holes to secure your valuable equipment.
  • Auto-purge valve built into latch.
  • Use it with our Power OVerEthernet (PoE) and any AirPort base station can be up to 331 feet away from the electrical power outlet.
  • Use it with Apple AirPort Extreme in Repeater mode (WDS) with no data cable as explained above.
The compression fitting allows the ethernet cable to pass through the box without compromising the weather-tight seal.
Two padlock holes allow you to secure the contents of the outdoor box.

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Outdoor Box
Download Installation Instructions for Outdoor Box With One Compression Fitting
Download Installation Instructions for Outdoor Box With Uni Antenna
Download Installation Instructions for Outdoor Box With Omni Antenna

Mounting Kits
Download Installation Instructions for Pole to Pole Mount
Download Installation Instructions for Tilt Pole Mount
Download Installation Instructions for Tripod Mount

MacWireless Power Over Ethernet
POE allows mounting an AirPort base station or other access point up to 330 feet from an electrical outlet.
As low as $19.98
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Outdoor Ethernet Cables
Rated for outdoor, burial, and aerial use. Available in lengths of 50 to 300 feet.
from $49.98

Outdoor Mounting
Mounting options for outdoor antennas and other outdoor wireless gear.

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